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    Invalid value for phoneSignalStrength for wanStatusEvent with No SIM card


      I have enabled the wanStatusEvent of the network module using the Javascript object. as per the documentation the value for phoneSignalStrength would be 0 when no signals are found.

      however during testing when i remove the SIM card from the device the value for phoneSignalStrength being returned is 100. is this by design and if so how can i detect that there's no SIM available?

      the app is running on an MC65 device.


      to get a value of 0 with no SIM card i have to turn the Phone off from the Wireless Manager; the value 0 then persists even after i turn the Phone back on. however when a restart the device with the Phone on and start the application the value for phoneSignalStrength returned is 100.



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          Pietro Francesco Maggi

          Hi Ameer,

          Usually what you want to achieve is to understand if you can place a call (void or data) or not.

          Using the phone signal intensity it's usually not the best solution because it does not depends on the phone being registered on the right networks.

          You can even get a good signal intensity but with the phone registered to a different network where you can place only emergency call.


          Best is to check for network status using the parameters:

          • connectionTypeAvailable
          • networkOperator


          Regarding the behaviour of phoneSignalStrength, you're right. From the documentation, in your case, you're supposed to get a zero as result.

          But getting 100 does not surprise me as a lot of phones return these values on a range of 0-255 with 255 be an "undefined".

          My suggestion is: use a different parameter to understand if you can place a call!


          Best regards


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              Hi Pietro,

              what i want to achieve is based on the following connectivity scenarios display a status icon in my application:

              1. No phone service available (thus no data available)
              2. Phone service available but no data
              3. Both phone service and data available


              currently for scenario "2" i am checking for "phoneSignalStrength" to be greater than "0" and "connectionTypeAvailable" as "Unavailable".

              for scenario "3" the condition applied is "connectionTypeAvailable" to be anything other than "Unavailable".

              how would you suggest i test for scenario 1? currently i was checking for "phoneSignalStrength" to be "0" which as you have mentioned may not return a reliable value.


              with regard to the value for networkOperator, during testing with a Vodafone SIM I have seen that at times I got back an empty string.