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    Error 502 (Bad gateway) when no wifi connection on Samsung Galaxy Note II

    Dave van der Veen

      When starting a RhoMobile application on the Samsung Galaxy Note with no wifi connection the following error is presented (See attachment Screenshot_2013-05-13-16-16-38.png):

      HTTP status 502


      When starting the application with a wifi connection, the app starts and works as expected. After turning wifi off and navigating to an other page, the app gives the error 'error loading page' (Screenshot_2013-05-13-16-27-47.png).

      I don't see any indication of the cause in the rholog (also attached) except the following error:


      05-13 16:37:36.795: E/WifiP2pStateTracker(2288): getNetworkInfo : NetworkInfo: type: WIFI_P2P[], state: DISCONNECTED/DISCONNECTED, reason: (unspecified), extra: (none), roaming: false, failover: false, isAvailable: false


      On other android devices and in the simulator the app works fine without wifi.


      Does anyone have a solution, workaround or an indication of the cause?