Access removable SD Card on TC8000



I'm trying to write files on a removable SD Card on a TC8000 w/ KitKat.  The folder is getting created, but the files are still stored on the Internal-External partition.  I have tried many different access methods and this one is closest, but still does not work.  Here is my current code:


File sdCardDirectory = getExternalFilesDir("/storage/sdcard1");

File f = new File(sdCardDirectory, "test7.txt");


This creates a /storage/sdcard1 directory on the external card, but test7.txt is created on the internal sd card.


Can someone point me in the right direction?



Anonymous (not verified)
Hello Tony,On KitKat,

Hello Tony,

On KitKat, developers are only permitted to write files to your apps data folder on the sdcard.

For instance,  [external storage]/Android/data/

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