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    TC55 MX Version and AppMgr Capabilities?

    Burak Kocuroglu



      I'am trying App Manager example (App Manager - Zebra Technologies Techdocs ) on TC55. The listed devices includes TC55JB TC55KK but not TC55. This means it wouldn't it work on TC55?


      Android Version: 4.1.2

      MX Version: 1.2 ? (is it 1.2 according to below scrennshot of adb shell getprop) from How to Check a Device's MX Version - Zebra Technologies Techdocs




      I have built the APK and installed on device. When I press Set button (install/uninstall an app) it gives: Profile update failed. (Type: AppMgr, Error Description: unsupported)


      Its Enterprise Mode is Enabled and I have run Device Runtime Deployment


      Update: App Manager API Doc: App Manager - Zebra Technologies Techdocs