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    Unable to invoke MC40 inbuilt Scanner

      Hi All,


      I am trying to invoke "MC40 inbuilt scanner" through the rho native app. I don't have any license as of now on rho products. IF license is needed for this, what is the license need to be procured?


      I had created Rhomobile application and in the ruby class written the below code for scanner invocation


      def enableScanner

            Scanner.decodeEvent = url_for(:action => :scannerEventListener)




      def scannerEventListener





      but it is invoking camera to scan the barcode instead of MC40 inbuilt scanner.I also disabled the datawidge. Pls guide.

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          Kutir Mobility

          Hi Vamsi


          Can you try Scanner.enumerate and check whether inbuilt scanner is listed in the result?




          Kutir Mobility

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            Pietro Francesco Maggi

            Hi Srinu,

            The scanner API require to have a RhoElements application, otherwise you get an alert box requesting for a valid license.

            During development you can simply close this alert and work for 15minutes. Then you get another Alarm.

            The idea is that you are not required to have a license to test your app. Everything works.


            Regarding your question, the MC40 integrated imager is identified as SCN2, so you've to add to your code:

                  Scanner.enabled = "SCN2"

            in your enableScanner functions.


            Otherwise the Scanner API will use the default SCN1 module that, on the MC40, it's the device camera.


            Best regards