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    Issue with image



      I am choosing an image and the path that camera callback give me is ...db/db-files/Image_04-17-2013_04.01.53__019.jpg but if i assign that path to an image scr it does not show anything... eve i am trying to put that path static in other image but nothing happens.. how am i supossed to put the image in a view?


      My final target is to store as a base64 and i have not found any function to convert to it... in order to send to a Rest Service...


      Any help will be appreciatted.





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          Kutir Mobility

          Once you receive the image in your callback, you must convert it to an absolute path with Rho::RhoApplication::get_blob_path(img.image_uri)


          If you must convert the image to base64, use:


          require 'base64'







          Kutir Mobility