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    Finger Scrolling Not Working

    Chris Child

      Hello - I'm confused as to how I enable finger scrolling on a RhoElements application. Based on what I've read, whatever value is set in the config.xml file is supposed to set the scrolling functionality but I do not see that file anywhere in my project after being built. Am I missing something?


      Thanks Chris


      Platform Built - Windows 32 bit

      Machine OS - Windows 7

      app_type: "rhoelements" set in build.yml

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          Hello Chris


          Please register at tautechnologies.zendesk.com and file a ticket. 




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              Mark Nongkhlaw

              Hi Konstantin, Its good zendesk is there, but I'm sure you will agree that an open source forum where all can see the questions and problems and help each other would be better. That way, the open source community would not only benefit but would also be visible to the world. Right now, on Launchpad, while posting questions we also have to mention the version whether its 5.5 or otherwise. Minor hassle in the beginning but then it becomes a major one after a while as the discussions   therein are all mixed up from Rho 5.5 to < 5.5 and there's no way to filter. Besides, your TAU website mentions free support  via community forum, but presently, that community is not visible.


              You can at least create one in ready-to-go Google group. That's just a suggestion. Maybe others can pitch in.






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