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    home, bac buttons on MC40 device



      I am building a RhoNative app. Would like to know how to enable  home, back  buttons on MC40 device.Pls guide.


      Thanks in advance

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          Kutir Mobility

          Hi Vamsi srinu

          Are you talking about Tool/Menu home and back button or the device home and back button


          i) To use the toolbar, all you have to do is define the toolbar items in your application.rb:

          class AppApplication < Rho::RhoApplication

            def initialize

              @@toolbar = [

                {:action => :back,   

                  :icon => '/public/images/back_btn.png'},

                {:action => :forward,

                  :icon => '/public/images/forward_btn.png'},

                {:action => :home},

                {:action => :refresh}






          ii) The following is the default Rhodes menu (in application.rb):

          @default_menu = {

            "Home" => :home,

            "Refresh" => :refresh,

            "Sync" => :sync,

            "Options" => :options,

            "Log" => :log,

            :separator => nil,

            "Close" => :close



          iii) Device home and back button:

            I tried in a sample app. Device home and back buttons working fine for me.


          If you still face any issue please post your code.



          Surendran S

          Kutir Mobility