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    How to run apf files on the SB1

    Erik Dekker

      Hi, I just received a new SB1 and I'm trying to figure out a little bit how it works.


      I downloaded the developer toolkit, the programmers guide, user guide and integrator guide.

      When I connect the SB1 to my computer with USB cable, I only see one folder: Fusion-Data


      I think I can see more when I connect with the SB1 using ActiveSync, is that correct?

      I found the 'ActiveSyncEnable.apf'', but exactly how can run that file on the SB1?

      I tried just to copy the apf file to the device, and then cold boot, but nothing happens.




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          Daniel Silva

          What you are seeing is the UserDrive folder on the device when you are connected using Usb Mass storage mode.  This should be all you need access to.  You can create a Config folder in what you see there as the root and put an apps.json, config.js and/or other files that you want to reside on the device.  There are samples of these files in the toolkit.



          Just be aware that while your USB connection is active, the device cannot see the userdrive, so after you put something on the device, you will need to disconnect the USB cable before the device will see it.  You will typically need to refresh the device to read the new files as well.  You could either reboot or log out to do that.  To log out you can hit the badge icon on the bottom left of the home screen and select "log out".

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              Erik Dekker

              Hi Daniel,


              Thanks for your response, but you are not really answering my question about how I can run those apf files.

              I got a reg file and ActiveSync is working fine now, but I still would like to know what I should do to run the apf files, maybe I need it in the future.


              I downloaded a hotfix for the beeping issue after reboot and I need full access to install the hotfix.

              So I do need more access then just the UserDrive ;-)


              p.s. your support site is really unstable, gives a lot of 404 errors when searching or opening pages. Your link was also not working first, and now 30 minutes later it does work

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                  Mattia Barbati

                  Hi Erik,


                  for run the apf file, you can use MSP.

                  Because with this application and this files you can create a barcode which will then be read with SB1.

                  For read with SB1 you can use RD Client.

                  I have activated the connection ActiveSync on the my SB1 using the 'ActiveSyncEnable.apf' file.


                  Best Regards.