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    HA scenario replicating only RhoConnect system table

    Pietro Francesco Maggi

      If I want to provide a full HA solution I need to setup a master/slave configuration for Redis in two different datacenter, but this can brings to huge cost due to the amount of traffic.


      Given that RhoConnect is getting the real data from a backend, I need the sync between master and slave mainly to avoid the "unknown user" when a device connect when the master redis is down.


      My question is:

      is it possible to sync between redis Master and Slave only the RhoConnect system table?


      Like having two databases in Redis, one for the system info (licenses, user, etc) and one for the device snapshot and the MD, and synching only the system info:




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          RhoConnect by default uses database 0 (since there's no database id specified in the redis connection string).  You can use a different redis db but it won't really matter because RhoConnect doesn't partition system data into different redis dbs.  It just uses the db (default 0) specified in the connection string.  Net result of this means that slaves will still be replicating all of the data from master.

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