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    Unhandled exception when loading ebapi-modules.js

    Adrian Geiter



      I currently integrate ebapi-modules.js (V. 1.5) in my application. Once the file is loaded, I get the following error message:

      2017-03-08 09_57_05-Microsoft Visual Studio.png


      The exception occurred at the following place (highlighted in bold):

      if(window[S]&&"function"==typeof window[S]["apiCall"]){i=window[S].apiCall(ap,ao)}an(JSON.parse(i))}}});


      I develop in Visual Studio and test the application via Internet Explorer before it goes to the mobile computer (MC 9500 K). If I click "Continue" I can work without problems, but it's annoying to confirm the message every time.


      Can someone tell me where the problem could be?

      Thank you!