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    Alert.pop_up displays but background undefined

    Lisa Tassone



      I am trying to implement a pop-up using Rho's Alert.show_popup.  I'm basically trying to replicate a confirm dialog.  I'm not using a normal confirm because the title of the dialog comes up with the standard hostname (in this case, localhost). I can get the popup to show but the background is grey with text 'undefined'.  Its as though the popup isn't 'stopping' any further action from taking place, i.e I haven't clicked yes or no but it continues on in the function.  Perhaps its the way I am calling it.  I have a delete icon that is linked to a function that calls the alert..  I want to wait for the user input before deciding what to do, which is the whole point of an alert.  This is the link code:


      <a href="' << url_for(:controller => :LayoutDashboard, :action => :delete_form, :query => {'form_object' => item['object'], 'form_instance' => instance.object, 'message' => 'Are you sure you want to delete this form?', 'callback' => 'delete_form' }) << '" data-role="button" data-mini="true"><span class="icon-bin"></span></a>


      The function delete_form then calls the alert.  At this point the pop up shows but the background has the undefined issue. 


      What am I missing here?  Your help is greatly appreciated.