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    Problem displaying images captured by camera

    Luca Priano

      Hi guys,


      I'm trying to display into my view an image captured by camera, but I can't see the captured image in my img tag. I simply send the image_uri of the image (@params['img_uri']) to the view but I'm probably wrong on setting it into src attribute.


      Here is my controller:



        def camera_callback


          if @params['status'] == 'ok'


            WebView.navigate(url_for :action => :go, :query => {:img_uri => @params['image_uri']}) 






        def go






      Here where I set the uri into my go.erb file:


        <img src="<%= @params['img_uri'] %>" width="100%" height="100%"></img>   


      @params['img_uri'] contains the correct uri (it isn't empty, it contains "db/db-files/Image_20135515844441118.jpg")...but the image isn't displayed! 


      Any clue where I'm wrong / missing?


      Where is located the image we capture by camera ( the file db/db-files/Image_20135515844441118.jpg ) into the device's filesystem?


      Thanks in advance for any hint!!!