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    localStorage in MC-2180 RhoElements loses values


      I try to use HTML5 localStorage for storing values. But these values persist only until the RhoElements is closed.


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Call localStorage.setItem('mykey', 'myvalue') in JavaScript.
      2. Call localStorage.getItem('mykey'), it returns 'myvalue'.
      3. Close RhoElements browser.
      4. Start RhoElements again.
      5. Call localStorage.getItem('mykey').


      Expected result: The method returns 'myvalue'.

      Current result: The method returns null.


      I use the local webserver for serving pages. If I switch to direct using of files the localStorage works well (but I can't to do so because the application uses remote AJAX requests).


      Does anyone know why it behave this way? It is not described in the documentation.


      Thanks for any reply.