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    Two models one source adapter

    Guillermo James

      Hi Everyone, i have the following situation:


      Currently we are running 2 RhoElements apps at the same time into the same device (MC55).

      Both applications syncronize its information using the same RhoConnect Source Adapter, both devices are using the same demostration license.

      Also we are not using the Shared Runtime of RhoElements.


      We have the following problem, randomly when the applications try to synchronise (SyncEngine.dosync) the apps freeze, like waiting for an answer,

      and the synchronisation does not happen, then after a period of time (randomly as well) the apps start working back again.


      Our question is, is it possible to use the same source adapter to synchronise 2 different applications at the same time? Or could be that we are not usign the shared runtime of rhoelements?


      Any help is highly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.