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    RhoElements fileTransfer

    Klaus Heim

      I'm using RhoElements V2.2.1.13 and want to download some files from Server to the MC55 handheld. I tried ftp and http protocol without success. I always got the error code 3 (path not found). Here is my code:

      sourceLocation = "http://pc2012.ka.tup.com:8084/Test/RhoElements/xml/DIN.txt";

      destinationLocation = "file://\\ebooks\\DIN.txt";

      fileTransfer.transferEvent = "url('Javascript:MyTransferEvent('%s')')";

      fileTransfer.source = "url('" + sourceLocation + "')";

      fileTransfer.destination = "url('" + destinationLocation + "')";

      fileTransfer.overWrite='true'; fileTransfer.createFolders='true';


      Any suggestion?