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    ERR In Connecting Oracle DB

      Hi All,

      I am a newbie in RhoConnect. I have to connect oracle 11g from RhoConnect to get data and pass to Rhodes application.


      The sync process is going gud as i am able to proceed at the tutorial steps. Now i want the same thing from oracle db instead of webservice.


      I have used Oci8 gem to do so. it is througing err. please help me out in this or correct me if I am proceeding wrong.



      Thanks in advance!!


      Pls find code below:


      def initialize(source)

          @base = 'http://rhostore.herokuapp.com/products'

          @conn = OCI8.new('ankur', '123456', 'jdbc:oracle:thin:@')




        def query


          cursor = @conn.parse("SELECT * from product")



          while rv = cursor.fetch

               key = rv[0]

          # col1 below should be replaced with how you want your client app to use the data.

               row= {

                 'name' => rv[0],

                 'brand' => rv[1],

                 'price' =>rv[2],











      [09:52:11 PM 2013-06-06] Failure to create adapter from class Product: #<OCIError: ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified>
      [09:52:11 PM 2013-06-06] ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specifiedoci8.c:513:in oci8lib_191.so