TC8000 google play question



We have recently bought a TC8000 and I was told it should have google play store but this device doesnt.



When i look at the version number it says 01-22-06-L-00-A . According to the upgrade manual it should be 01-22-06-LG-00-A .


Does this mean i have to run the upgrade procedure to get google play store?

How large is the risk of ruining and bricking the device?



So If i need to run the procedure, i just need the

to upgrade android and then the

to perform the factory resent and then good to go?



Thanks in advance.




Anonymous (not verified)
I can't speak authoritatively

I can't speak authoritatively for the TC8000 but when I had problems switching between GMS and non-GMS on another Zebra device I was able to revert back to my original OS without issues. 

It looks like you have seen the release notes which give some steps: TC8000 OS Lollipop Rev A v22.06 with GMS Release Notes Support | Zebra .  I think you would need to do the factory reset before the upgrade.

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