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    RhoWKBrowserEngine.cpp: 335| Navigation error


      While going through the application, one of our users got the following error:

      Navigation timed out

      Press back button to return to the previous page or press retry button to attempt to load the page again

      Pressing back didn't do anything, so the user have to restart the application after which the application worked without any issue


      when we have a look in the log file, we found the following error at the time when the user experienced the problem:

      RhoWKBrowserEngine.cpp: 335| Navigation error:


      initially i thought it may be a db locking issue with the app trying to write to the DB while the sync is in-progress; however the controller function of the page do not have updates/inserts in it.

      is there a way to catch and recover from such errors? can we have custom HTTP error pages for the application?