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    Scrolling Behavior: RhoElements Runtime for WinMo (WEH)

      I have a client testing the RhoElements runtime on MC65 and MC9190 WEH6.5.3 hitting a 3rd party website and they have scrolling issues. If I configure Rho for FingerScroll it interferes with a signature capture panel (the whole screen scrolls around when trying to sign) so I changed it to "Scrollbars". The scrollbars are there but they work in an inverse fashion as they should, when content is cut off at the bottom of the page hitting the down arrow on the scroll bar moves the whole screen down, instead of up, thereby cutting off more of the content. There is no way to make the screen scroll up to view the bottom part of the page. The horizontal scrollbar behaves similarly as well. I haven't seen this problem on this site with other browsers, is there a configuration change I can make to reverse the scrolling behavior?