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    RhoConnect 4 Beta 12 - Sintra error

    Kevin Lollock

      I got the following this afternoon:


      "I had installed rhoconnect on Linux using the gem installs, not using the rpm.  I also did the rhoconnect dtach-install and rhoconnect redis-install. The documentation didn't really explain why that was needed. I then figured out that using the Control + \ key detaches you from redis and rhoconnect.


      As of early this morning, I discovered a few things after playing around. I was using Rhoconnect 4 Beta 12, I can run rhoconnect redis-start and rhconnect start now and that seems to work and the server stays running, even when I log out. But, when I try to bring up the console via a browser, that gives an error that "Sinatra doesn't know that dity" and seem to be missing something with configuring thin.


      I then took a project this morning, moved it back to Rhoconnect 3.4.2 and installed that gem on the server and did a bundle install.   Redis and rhoconnect work properly now and also the rhoconnect console is available, without any additional configuration.


      I would like to get the newer version working, but wonder if there is some additional configuration needed or is it a problem with Beta 12.  Is there a more current rhoconnect beta gem available, like what I am using in RhoStudio Beta 21?"


      They're installing on RedHat. I've got the question out to others but thought I would also post it here just in case anyone ran across this issue as well.


      Please let me know what the issue might be.