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    How to enable the scanner from the config file

      I've got a request from a customer asking how to enable the scanner from the config file without having to modify all the pages. My first approach was to try to use the DefaultMetaTags



              <META HTTP-Equiv="scanner" Content="Enable">

              <META HTTP-Equiv="scanner" Content="AutoEnter:Enabled">

              <META HTTP-Equiv="scanner" Content="Start">



      However when I launch Rho it complains about this new lines, In the documentation says that here you can use any valid meta tag from rho, but this does not work for me, any hints please?


      I'm using MC9190 WM6.5 Rho v2.2.1.13WM


      Thank you,


      Here is the code needed:



      <MetaTag VALUE="scanner~enable"/>

      <MetaTag VALUE="scanner~autoEnter:enabled"/>

      <MetaTag VALUE="scanner~start"/>