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    MC55 A0 and Zebra GX420t

    Guillermo James

      Hi All


      We are trying to connect our MC55A0 with the Zebra GX420t printer thru a bluetooth connection with no success. We are able to establish a connection with the printer in terms of security code when paring devices, and selecting the printer services available thru bluetooth connection (serial port), but when we try to connect to the printer we receive a message that the connection failed. We downloaded a driver from the Symbol Support site (for MC55A0 and WinMo 6.5), but the GX series is not listed as a supported printer. Is it possible that this could be the source for our failed connection?


      In general, I am curious in terms how do you know after buying a motorola device, how do you know what kind of printers are supported for this device? It is a nightmare, if you are designed mobile application, to realice after you have the device and the customer already have a printer (zebra for example) that the device does not support the printer, I mean there are several choice of printers but there are not several types of drivers for specific motorola devices !!


      Any suggestion helps us.

      Best regards.


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          Kutir Mobility

          Hi Guillermo


          I understand your frustrations but unfortunately this has nothing to do with RhoMobile platform (imho).

          Have your tried contacting the Motorola support team ?



          Surendran S

          Kutir Mobility

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            Kutir Mobility

            Hi Guillermo,


            With Zebra bluetooth printers you do not need a particular driver, you just establish the bluetooth connection and send data in the EPL/ZPL language that the printer understands. These printers should be compatible with any bluetooth device.


            From your description, it looks like you cannot get the connection to the printer to work. I would suggest that you try to connect to the printer from your desktop computer using a bluetooth dongle (or integrated bluetooth if your computer has it) and a terminal program like hyperterminal, to check whether the connection works or not. If that also fails, there might be a problem with the printer itself or the way it is configured.




            Kutir Mobility

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