Help about how to implement the SDK barcode_scanner_library_v. in a android existing project

Hi every body.

Im using the gun : Zebra RFD8500

My question is easy. I have a existing android project where I need implement the use of the Gun Zebra RFD8500. I download all documentation from the page, even I read the instrucctions on the PDF developer guide.


I add a .aar file in my actual project ( File -> New -> Module -> aar file or .jar ) , and now the file is in my project. The problem is , I need access to the SDK Functions but Android Studio dont detect the classes. For example:


public class Application extends { //Instance of SDK Handler public static SDKHandler sdkHandler; ... ... //Barcode data @Override public void onCreate() { super.onCreate(); sdkHandler = new SDKHandler(this); } ... ... }


But my Android studio dont detect the this class SDKHandler.

Please , somebody can help me with this ? Is missing add something more ? or only with the file .arr it is enought ?


I followed this instructions but Im not sure if I did the steps right. Thanks you. I would like a "very small tutorial" how to implement this. Thanks again.


To install and build the Android SDK project:

1. Unzip the file into a local directory. This directory is referred

to as dev_directory.

2. Open Android Studio and select Open an Existing Project.

3. Navigate to the dev_directory and select the AndroidScannerSDK folder:


As this is the first time that Android Studio is opening the project, it begins creating all of the necessary

local project files and indexes. This may take a minute or two.

4. Copy the folder to the development host. This directory is called dev_directory.

5. Open the Android Studio.

6. Select Open an Existing Android Studio Project.

7. Navigate to the dev_directory and select the project AndroidScannerSDK under the src folder.

8. The Project tab on the left panel displays the contents of the Project, including the app project which is the

top level for the application source.

9. Select the Build option from the Menu bar. Click Make Project. This builds the APK application located

under: dev_directory\AndroidScannerSDK\app\build\outputs\apk.