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    Bottom Native tab bar

      Hi All,


      I am converting iPhone Native Tab bar application to RhoMobile, I am trying to use the native tabbar, using below code in application.rb:


      Rho::NativeTabbar.create( :tabs => [

      { :label => "Dashboard", :action => '/app',

      :icon => "/public/images/tabs/dashboard.png" },

      { :label => "Options",   :action => '/app/Settings',

      :icon => "/public/images/tabs/options.png" }


      :background_color => 0x0000FF,

      :place_tabs_bottom => true )


      I have codded as place_tabs_bottom => true. Still it is showing on top Please help me out. 1.JPG

      Can I place separator line in between the tabs like native iPhone Application tab bar?


      Thanks in advance!!!!