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    VPN client on SB1

      Has anyone investigated any method for putting a VPN client on the SB1? I have a large retail customer considering the device for their distribution centers but they would require a VPN client to do so. Since the SB1 is running CE in the background this should be doable but I'm not sure how it will affect the RhoElements shell.

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          Ian Hatton



          A VPN client should be transparent to RhoElements since it will provide an IP connection with the VPN gateway but it is more likely to have a problem co-existing with the Fusion radio driver. The other main issue with the SB1 is that it is very constrained in terms of Program memory so you will need a very small footprint VPN client. I would suggest trying either the Columbitech SSL Mobile VPN client or the NetMotion Wireless client - both have CE versions available which work on other Moto MC models but I am not sure if they are verified to work on CE6.