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    APD - connecting to GX430t

      I would like to connect to Zebra GX430t using APD connection. The printer is available on a wireless network, it's connected to a print server. IP address and Port number are well known, ZPL print has been successfully tested from a desktop computer.


      However when I try to connect with a mobile client to the printer from RhoElements ( using APD I get the following error: "Invalid printer ID"

      I use the following js commands:


      var pid = "WZ40:9100|";

      var result = apd.PSExternal(261, pid);  // set printer

      if (isNaN(result) || result > 0){




      I have tried connecting with other WZ4x codes, and event with the dot-less ip address 192168000001 with the same result. How can I debug what the problem is? What does this error really means, is it a generic connection failed error?