How Google Play affects developers and partners app presentation based on Permissions.

Darryn Campbell has a Great Blog Posting about something that came across my Application Development Support Help Desk for 2018 for Nougat GMS firmware.


It was actually GMS Google Play generic -- but it affected a Platform that is Nougat based  -- the Indoor-only (Like TC51) TC20 device.


Darryn's Blog Posting here:  Location APIs available on GMS & AOSP devices


What was interesting about my Case was the question from the Developer asking -- in Google Play: WHY THEY ARE NOT SEEN (the company -- not just the app)


So it took a bit of sleuthing to cross-check. I had to use Nougat and Previous editions of Android. And I had to use devices where the firmware version is contemporary -- and cross-checkable.


Thus enters the TC51 and TC56 -- Both of which are Nougat capable.    The First Clue was that the "Developers" Company was visible in Google Play for TC56 running Nougat, (Very good, now check TC51 running Nougat)  interestingly it was not, on TC51.


At this point -- I fall back to a Google Reference Platform -- and I go WAY back to Lollipop-era reference -- the Nexus 7 2012 -- which is only able to run Lollipop -- but the Google Play -- showed that the Company's app WAS available and could be installed.  (AHA! I said to myself -- the Second Clue.)


So whats Different -- the Nexus 7 2012 is a WLAN-only device  -- no WAN / Cellular data capability -- BUT it DOES have on-board GPS.  (*I use my Nexus 7 for moving map display when flying Gliders/Sailplanes*)


So this was the clue I needed to look into.


TURNS OUT THAT:  The developers app in general had this permission:

android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION -- Manifest.permission | Android Developers


So on WLAN-only devices that DO NOT HAVE THE GPS RADIO (Like TC20, TC51, and TC70X - and more in the table in Darryn's blog)  Googple Play will not present those apps for download.


And since it was very likely that all of the Developers Company apps in Google Play likely has this permission request in all of the the apps Manifest.

The Company itself would also not be available / shown on the TC20 (indoor Only) with Google Play.


I did suggest using a different permission -- but this posting is also helpful: (And contains the suggested permission change) Changing Location Settings | Android Developers


Pietro Francesc...
Hi Sean,very good post!I'd

Hi Sean,

very good post!

I'd similar experiences when trying to install other applications.

Keep in mind that it should just be enough to modify the Manifest of the application to mark the GPS Permission as not required:

<uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.location.gps" android:required="false" />

As described here.


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