MC3200 CE 7.0 - Custom Application Development


I have Visual Studio 2008 (SP1), EMDK and 32N0 SKD installed at my development machine to develop mobile application (C#) for MC3200, application is intended to read the scanned code.

I didn't have MC3200 device available with me for the development, so want to know if I create Smart Device project targeting Windows CE platform will it work on MC3200 ?

Or, is there any MC3200 emulator that I can use for the application development ?

I tried a project, targeting platform Symbol MC3200c70 Windows CE 7.0 PSDK but it gives error "The operation could not be completed. The device is not connected." on deploy.

Can you please assist me what's the recommend way to develop applicatoin for MC3200 device ?

Please note I didn't have device physically available.