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    How to setup and use ZP450 (for non UPS)

    Omar Miah

      I got this at a bargain price.


      But... the only drivers are for UPS.

      (How did UPS manage to get their own dedicated printer?)


      I want to download and use with Royal Mail (UK).

      But then, I want to just use to make labels - non postage - for my own general purposes.

      How do I do this?


      EDIT: I've now tried everything...

      Others have said to install as LP2844 and all is OK.

      I did this... and it prints half the page in a minimised page size Word document (good sign I thought).

      Then I installed Zebra Designer 2. No luck here. Doesn't print the correct size (roughly 7cm x 3 cm - it's all I have to test)...

      Worse still... it prints garbage output.

      Then I installed Zebra Browser Print app.

      It opened a web page and said I needed to allow permissions. I did this.... then nothing. Absolutely nothing. Same everytime.

      Now... when I try to print from Word... nothing - I get 100 pages of garbage output for one page.





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          Robin West

          Hi Omar,

          Please use the ZebraDesigner GK420 (ZPL) driver for that printer.

          You will likely need to set up the driver to the full size of your physical label.  Go into your printing preferences for the printer. (right click on the printer driver).  From there you can set the label size. 

          If you are still getting garbage output, please take a picture of the "garbage" and paste it here.  It will help us determine the issue.