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    SB1 - how to stop screen autorotation

    Ryszard Cwikla


      I want to stop the screen autorotation of the device.

      The only place where I found some settings was the RhoElements Configuration file (Config.xml) in the “Application/www” directory:



          <AutoRotate value="0" />



      But the value 0/1 of the AutoRotate node isn’t changing anything.


      I also found an event function in sys.npapi.js file that is responsible for the screen orientation.

      Is there a way to stop the autorotation?

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          Daniel Silva

          You can do this with a registry file.  This will shut off the IST for the whole device.  Side effect of this is that if you use the default badge screen, it will now be upsidedown.  If you use a custom HTML badge screen, you can force it to render correctly using css or some other method.  I have used CSS like this:






          Paste the below text in a file named something like DisableRotate.reg  (must be a .reg).  Place that file in the root of \UserDrive, then boot.  Make sure your editor saves the text as ansi, not UTF.



          ; 1 - IST driver rotates the screen 

          ; 0 - rotation to be handled by application


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