Print Label from PHP on web server

Hi all,

I have a ZD420 printer I am developing an application for. I am using PHP for the server side code and html 5 for the front end. The printer is connected to the network through standard tcp/ip. I built 2 label templates using the Zebra Label designer and about 8 dynamic fields required. When I print to the printer from zebra designer or even from the printers web interface I get great results. What the client has asked is minimal configuration on their end. They want to plug in the printer; attach to their local network an then our application is to send the label to the printer along with the dynamic data and have the label print. They don't want to install the label manually on the printer or more than the standard zebra drivers on the web server which will communicate with the printer.

I am thinking I need to send ZPL right to the IP / port using standard socket commands. I looked at browser print as well as Link-OS but am a bit lost on the proper / best approach to do this.

I have the lbl files on the web server already and the drivers installed. I literally just want to send that lbl file to the printer along with the required data for the dynamic fields.

What is my best option to do this while meeting their PNP requirement as best as I can?

Any help appreciated!