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    2 web pages each pointing to 2 gx430t printers ? can it be done without selecting?

    chin keong lam

      Hi Everyone

      I have a problem setting printer object to default printer. I have two web pages, each needed to point to particular printers namely

      Serial number 32j163901026

      Serial number 32j111500273


      I printed the object of printer content and found out my default printer is set to


      {connection: "usb", deviceType: "printer", manufacturer: "Zebra Technologies", name: "32j163901026", provider: "com.zebra.ds.webdriver.desktop.provider.DefaultDeviceProvider"};


      Can I point my printer to particular printer by using


      var printer = {connection: "usb", deviceType: "printer", manufacturer: "Zebra Technologies", name: "32j163901026", provider: "com.zebra.ds.webdriver.desktop.provider.DefaultDeviceProvider"};



      As shown below


      The javascript provided by Zebra contain the following setting to point to default printer


                      BrowserPrint.getDefaultDevice('printer', function(printer)



                                      default_printer = printer

                                      if((printer != null) && (printer.connection != undefined))


                                                      selected_printer = printer;

                                                      var printer_details = $('#printer_details');

                                                      var selected_printer_div = $('#selected_printer');


                                                      selected_printer_div.text("Using Default Printer: " + printer.name);