TC51: problem with DataWedge scanning in web application

I have a TC51 with an installed Android app that is basically just a wrapper for a Chrome browser.  The browser is pointed to a C#.NET app that we have developed.  Here is what I have observed:

  1. When focusing on a text field and scanning, the expected result is populated in the field.
  2. I have additional need to scan on a page that does not have text fields.  For this, I have implemented jquery.scannerdetection to handle the scan.  However, when Android app is initially loaded, clicking on scan results in a single ASCII character 0 instead of the expected scan result.
  3. I then go back to the Android home screen and simply open DataWedge.  We don't do anything else with DataWedge.
  4. I then go back to the Android home screen and re-open my Android app.  At this point, I can successfully scan any QR codes and my application receives the expected results.
  5. If I open the target web page using the Chrome browser (i.e. not in my app), I can scan successfully in all cases without issues.

Based on these results, I thought that perhaps DataWedge Profile0 was not being loaded/active for my app.  However, if I went to DataWedge to edit the profile to add prefix and suffix characters during the scan, I can see these results in real-time in step one (above) in my app, so it seems to be applying Profile0.

Has anyone experienced anything similar or have any recommendations? Thank you!