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    WML, SGD on Zebra printers ZT400, ZT600

    Adam Nowacki

      Hi All,
      I'm trying to create simplest as possible print station on ZT400, ZT600 by WML mechanism.
      I stuck on few issues.
      First, I know how to read and select stored template (ZPL file - *.ZPL) by SGD command  usb.host.template_list,
      but I don't know how to print this selected file.


      Second, I don't know how to use these SGD commands



      Third, I saw that on ZT600 by WML, text is very small, how can I set bigger font.

      I tried <big></big> from WML standard but it doesn't work.

      kind regards

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          Robin West

          Hi Adam,

          If you want to take a look at how we implemented the Print Station in WML on the ZT printers you can recall the wml file with the below command.  The section is named "USB HOST Form Fill". It does get a little complicated but the SGD commands were really designed to work with this menu, not the other way around.  I'm not sure how flexible they are to a lot of modification.

          Basically, if I'm reading it right, the "usb.host.template_list" lets you look through the templates and pick one. The "usb.host.keyboard_input" turns on and off keyboard input.  Use the "usb.host.fn_field_list" to show the current field and navigate fields.  The "usb.host.fn_field_data" is where you enter each field.  Check the "usb.host.fn_last_field" to verify you are at the last field.  Use "usb.host.template_print_amount" to set a quantity to print.  Lastly, do "usb.host.fn_field_list" "print" to print.



          For making the text bigger-  If you add <font name=\"$(display.wml_font)\" vspace=\"0\"></font>, to the <display> node, I think you can modify the vspace attribute to scale the font.  I didn't try it so it's just a thought.