How to create a profile in Xamarin Forms?


I am using Xamarin.Forms to write a fairly simple app for the TC51. I need to prepend a character to a scan value so I know that a new scan is being initiated. I have set up my profile and have this working on my test device. Great. However, I cannot ask my users to manually set up their scanning profile in DataWedge.

I have found examples of how to programmatically set up a profile using EMDK. But I have also found this note in the EMDK 2.7 For Xamarin Tech Docs:

  • Support for configuring DataWedge using EMDK Profile Manager is deprecated. Profile Manager capabilities categorized under Data Capture are still supported but will no longer be advanced. Zebra recommends using DataWedge intent-based APIs to configure DataWedge profiles going forward.

I cannot find any Xamarin Forms examples of using the DataWedge intent-based APIs to configure the profile. Is there one somewhere? Since I don't come from an Android background, I don't really understand intents. I'm not using dependency injection. What bits I have found I haven't been able to piece together to get where I need to go. I just need to create my profile and set it to return keystrokes with one character pre-pended to the scanned data. Should be fairly easy, right?

Thank you for your help!