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    Scanning 2d-barcodes with MC33

    Max Karlsson



      We recently built an application for the TC51, and now we're trying to run the same application on an MC33. It's mostly working to our satisfaction, except when it comes to 2d-barcodes, QR Codes, Data Matrix, PDF417 etc. It won't read these codes at all. I guess we're missing something obvious, the Scanning Description reads: "1D Laser(1): SE965 Standard Range with Adaptive Scanning (all models)

      1D/2D Imager: SE4750-SR, 4750-MR (Straight Shooter and Gun models only)," when I scan, the red aimer-light is a straight line, my guess is that I might have to change the configuration somewhere so it uses a different scanner?



      Max Karlsson