How to print image in CPCL from Xamarin forms - iOS Platform.


This is regarding printing of images to Zebra printer from Xamarin Forms in iOS platform.

1. model of Zebra printer - Zebra ZQ520.

2. Language used - CPCL

I am creating a CPCL file with the data to be printed. The data is extracted from SQLite on iPhone and saved in the CPCL file. Finally giving the command to print the cpcl file works fine and the data is printed.

My issue is how to embed the image in this cpcl file. The image is saved as a blob in SQLite database. I need to retrieve this blob and convert it to an image file and then specify the path of the image in the CPCL file. For some reason, the image never prints. Have gone through all the threads regarding printing of image but none of them work. I have even specified the language to use as CPCL.

Can you please assist how to achieve the printing of the image in CPCL. I have the following queries.

1. What format should the image be saved as on the device.

2. What is the syntax to embed the image in the CPCL file.

3. Is there any other way to embed the image in the CPCL file and print it along with the data.