Reach datafile in Internal Shared Storage (of TC20) by PC App

Hi everyone, 

I have a database of the ERP system and TC20 scanners. I planned a Transfer App to send database data to the scanner and the scanned data pass and put to the database.

I have a problem. I can see/write/copy/delete the file myself in the Windows Explorer, but the app do not see the file in the Internal Shared Storage of the Zebra TC20.

I tried this, but not worked:

TC\Interner gemeinsamer Speicher\myfolder\scanneddata.s3db

\\Interner gemeinsamer Speicher\myfolder\scanneddata.s3db

TC\Internal shared storage\myfolder\scanneddata.s3db

\\Internal shared storage\myfolder\scanneddata.s3db

Have anyone an ide how I could reach the file with my transfer App?

Thank you