ZT410 Encode and printing labels


I am trying to encode a RFID tag simultaneously printing that label information but it isn't working for my printer model. I figured out the RZ400 is capable to do it. Someone know if my model does not support the print and encode simultaneously process or if I have to do something special before printing?



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Hi Joffily, The ZT410 is

Hi Joffily,

The ZT410 is capable of RFID encoding, but you need the RFID kit installed to do it. If you think the RFID kit is installed or the printer was purchased with the RFID kit, you can verify by looking for the black box under the media guide. The RFID options should also be available in the menu if it was installed correctly.


If you don't have the kit, you can purchase it from most Zebra Resellers or distributors. It is fairly easy to install (video).

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