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    Application license can't be applied for windows mobile app

    Nicolas Grolleau

      Hi, we bought application licenses for our Windows mobile app.

      We received a mail with the licence in the form :

      Licenses Ordered

      • SW-RHOEV2-499-PA

      Quantity -  quantity

      Application Name: APPNAME

      Your RhoElements Application license key is listed below. For instructions on how to apply the application license, please visit http://docs.rhomobile.com/rhoelements/licensing.

      <LicenseKey value="encoded license"/>


      I updated the build.yml to add the line:

      motorola_license: "encoded license"


      and made sure to have the line "name" match the application name in the license.


      But now I still have the dialog saying that it's a demo application and in the logs I have the line :

      "Application found but could not be applied"


      I saw an other thread with a similar issue, the answers said to use registry key to license, but that is for device licensing only, not for application licencing.

      Darryn Campbell also talks about a bug in build.yml technique in version before 2.2.


      I am using version of rho elements. Is this bug supposed to be corrected?

      Do I get the error because of a bad configuration in my app?

      What can I do to have my license working?