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    FX7500 support DHCP options

    Gregory Bertram

      Does the FX7500 support any DHCP options?  Customer is asking if it can support Dynamic Host Configuration via DHCP option

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          Chris Hamner

          Hi Gregory,


          I factory-defaulted an FX7500 and here are the only options it asks for (via a DHCP DISCOVER captured with Wireshark on Windows 2012 R2):


          FX7500 firmware 1.2.84 & 2.3.23


          OPTION 1: Subnet Mask

          OPTION 2: Time Offset

          OPTION 3: Router

          OPTION 6: Domain Name Server

          OPTION 12: Host Name

          OPTION 15: Domain Name

          OPTION 28: Broadcast Address


          NOTE ON OPTION 12:

          Specifying option 12 does not work in these versions of code--the reader sends a request for its default host name and/or doesn't listen to the offered option from the DHCP server.

          We have requested changes to the code to allow changing the hostname, but it has not been implemented.




          6-11-2018 16-23-45.png