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    How to start RE intent from console



      My customer built a secure environment for ET1 something like EHS. In this environment he wants to have several shortcuts for calling RhoElements with different start page. The customer is using command like this:


      am start -a com.motorolasolutions.rhoelements.SHORTCUT_ACTION -c android.intent.category.DEFAULT -d http://www.google.com -t com.motorolasolutions.rhoelements/application -n com.motorolasolutions.rhoelements/com.rhomobile.rhodes.RhodesActivity


      I did tests via "adb shell"



      Problem is that RE stays stuck on splash screen where is Motorola Solution logo when you use the command above. I have added RE shortcut like described in documentation to ET1 native home screen with start page and I could see very same command in logcat.


      Can anybody explain why the command above does not work when it is called from console? What is the right syntax for calling RE intent with start page as an argument.