Send Command Key (macOS) via Scanner (CR2278)

I've been working with the 123Scan2 software all day.  I'm trying to prefix scans with control characters to fire off scripts in my program.

On the windows side I had no luck with the Ctrl+ combos, as they appear to only represent CLI commands not keypress combos.  Nevertheless I was able to work around this with Alt+ combos.

Unfortunately this isn't possible on the macOS side of things.  I need to issue a Command+ combo.  The "Command" (CMD) keys don't seem to work, and I'm assuming they're referring to something else entirely.

Does anyone know how to issue a Command+(key) combo via this or any other Zebra Scanner?  Or perhaps there's a different approach to issue Command combos with this scanner?   If I could fire off a Ctrl+F2 to access the file menu that would also work.

Thanks for your time.