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    RhoElements basic authentication and KeyCapture problem

    Sebastian Vajsman

      Hi all,


      we currently develop a web application using SAP BSP technology (comparable to JSP or ASP).

      This is our first project to use RhoElements. So far we used to use PocketBrowser as client software.


      Device MC3190

      WinCE 6 OEM 4.32.03

      RhoElements Runtime


      The first problem exists in basic authentication via HTTP.

      As described in the configuration docs the user only has two chances of logging in before he gets a 401 error.

      Is there any chance of increasing this?


      The second problem also regards basic authentication.

      After typing in user name and password and hitting the enter key, the user gets an login error.

      Seems like hitting enter does not lead to clicking OK but Cancel.

      Is it possible, that Cancel button has the focus by default here?

      Is there any chance to change this behaviour?


      The third and most urgent problem is within key capturing.

      We use the KeyCapture module on each page to execute javascript functions, which trigger back end events.

      So far so good


      <META HTTP-Equiv="KeyCapture" Content="AccelerateKey:All">
      <META HTTP-Equiv="KeyCapture" content="KeyValue:0x0D; Dispatch:False; KeyEvent:url('javascript:processInput('myeventstring')');">


      The problem is, that it doesn't work stable. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

      Triggering the events via HTML link works flawlessly.


        <a class="" href="#" onClick="javascript:processInput('myeventstring');">Click me softly</a>


      Any suggestions?


      Thank you in advance

      Regards Sebastian