Question about ZPL QR code command for variable with Serializtion

Hi, Zebra experts,

I got question about QR code with serialization.

In general bar code, we use ^SN or ^SF to increase the variable number...



if there're 3 pages, this $$BOX_NO$$ will printed/scanned as 001, 002, 003.. normally.

Now, for 2D QR Code command,

I put is as below,



But, QR is scanned as 001 only, in each page of  3 pages...

I tried various ^BQ and  ^FD parameters, still didn't figure out how to make this variable increment(2D QR) working.

Please help and correct my command, thanks a lot.

Best Regards,


QR code using SN command with the underscore. (I'm not sure why, but the 'aaa' is required here, can be any text though.)


DataMatrix using the SF command allows for underscore, might be easier to understand.


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