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I have a Zebra iMZ320 printer, but I have a couple of issues, when I try to print something, it feeds a lot of paper before actually printing something, seems like it does that to reach 10in, since after changing the length from 10in to 5in, it started to feed up to 5in only, also, after changing the length, the Feed Button stopped working properly since now it feeds 5in of paper. This happens in my printing testing app, and in the Zebra's Printer Setup app (For example, when I try to print a test label).

The printer is in Receipt Mode, the Media Type is Continuous, the paper width is 2.84in.

How do I solve this? Do I have to calculate the length of the document I want to print and then change the configuration with the SDK? Why is it happening with the official app?

Best Regards, thanks in advance.

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Hi Bryan, This is standard

Hi Bryan, This is standard functionality with ZPL printing.  You do need to know or calculate the label length when printing with ZPL in Continuous/Receipt mode.  You can add the label length in the document itself (^LL command).  ZPL is much more designed for label printing than receipts.

You have two options if this won't work for your use case,

  1. You can create your document line by line.  Each line would start with a ^XA and end with ^XZ.  The print length would be just greater than the text, image, or barcode height of that line.
  2. You can switch to CPCL which handles variable length documents better.   Beware if you intend to ever need to use international text.  CPCL does not handle internationalization well.

Hope this helps clarify.

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