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    rhoConnect redis-install cam't cd to /tmp/redis/

      Hi, I'm trying to follow the tutorial for installing RhoConnect 3.4.5 but I've got stuck when installing Redis.


      I'm using Ubuntu 12


      Installing Rhoconnect says to install Redis.


      From my home folder I did.


      $ wget http://redis.googlecode.com/files/redis-2.6.14.tar.gz

      $ tar xzf redis-2.6.14.tar.gz

      $ cd redis-2.6.14

      $ make


      Actually I don't know where should I install this.


      Then when I do rhoconnect redis-install

      complains that cannot find a folder:


      sh: 1:  cd: can't cd to /tmp/redis/

      sh: 1:  cd: can't cd to /tmp/redis/

      sh: 1:  cd: can't cd to /tmp/redis/

      cp: cannot stat /tmp/redis/src/redis-benchmark' no such file or directroy....



      I move the installation to /tmp/redis and still the same issue?




      Where should I install Redis? Do I have to create a env var to ir