What it's the better strategy? Multiple labels and multiple printers same application

Dear all,

Im developing an application to control an industrial machine for a big warehouse. We will use Zebra printers for lableling carton for transport company.

The scenario:

A.- I have a ZE500 printer with an pneumatic aplicator for automatically labels carton just before enter in shipping drop off.

B.- I will have 5 additional printers at warehouse in order to re-label any lost or spoilt label. Printers will be ZT420

C.- We will work with 15 transport company. The content and size of label for all transport company are the same, but...for each company we must to print their logo in the top of label.

D.- Each label will have about 35 parameters.

E.- The application will be developed in Java.

F.- Both printer will print the same label in size.

G.- ZE500 must to print label normal, and ZT420 will print label rotated

The questions:

what it's the better strategy to follow?

I think:

1.- Develop 15 LBL files (one for each transport company - logo) and print it via JAVA-SDK? (it will be 15 * 2 files) due to 2 types of printer.

2.- Develop 2 LBL file (one for each printer [positions of text changes due to rotation)), extract ZPL and parametrize the logo? What printing techology it's beter in this way: SDK or print in the windows driver?

3.- I have tested a little bit with Designer + LBL stored in flash + using JAVA-SDK to set parameters and print, but.....seems not very stable, due to sometimes printer don't print label (maybe some incorrect parameter) but when this happends, i don't have any feedbak of printer, simply printer don't print.

Thanks a lot!!!