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    Register License for RhoElements V2.2.1.13

    Klaus Heim



      I had some trouble in license registration on MC55 handheld. I registered 10 handhelds in Motorola Web portal. The downloaded .reg file are saved on the correspondent handheld and is merged in the windows mobile registry. But when I start RhoElements the license is not loaded and the "demonstration" screen appears. So I tried to scan the company and the registration barcode. When I scan the registration barcode the company name from the barcode is cut. The company name in the .req file is 33 characters long ("Swiss International Air Lines LTD"). The company name in the input field on the handheld 3 or 4 bytes shorter ("Swiss International Air Lines"). After the registration barcode I got the error message "Company name does not match the registration code".


      Please help, the handhelds should be delivered to the customer.